Great day for Surfing  
  The wind carries a fresh, wild tang of salt and seaweed as you pick up your board and stride across the sand. Ahead of you, sunlight glitters like a million shattered diamonds on the perfect turquoise green water. The wind and the tide have produced the perfect swell just for you...
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We have a dream here at As we know there's others out there who love surfing just as much as we do, so we plan...
Regular Updates  
What's the water doing in your area? Where are the best waves? How big's the swell? Our regularly updated surfcams are ready to tell you just what you need...

So you can see a few white crests making their way in towards your favourite surfing beach on the surfcams and it looks like it might be pretty good out there today. But how big is that swell really? And when will the tide be just right? And, especially if you're a windsurfer, how strong is the wind and which way is it blowing? Are the conditions going to be right or should I stay at home (or just go for a walk along the beach)?

Sometimes we need to plan further ahead than just looking at the "right now" shown by the surfcams. Surfers these days have come a long way from the stoned, out-of-work hippy types of the past and many of us now have jobs and similar commitments. For most of us, we would like to have some idea of what the surf will be doing after work's over (or during lunch break or even before work).

Our regular surf reports for all the popular surfing spots throughout Australia will help you plan your life so you know when the tides, the winds, the swell and conditions. Keep an eye on the weather and much more - our surf reports will help you keep an eye on the tide anywhere you're interested in, whether it's ten minutes down the road or an hour's drive away.

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