Great day for Surfing  
  The wind carries a fresh, wild tang of salt and seaweed as you pick up your board and stride across the sand. Ahead of you, sunlight glitters like a million shattered diamonds on the perfect turquoise green water. The wind and the tide have produced the perfect swell just for you...
List of Surf Shops  
We have a dream here at As we know there's others out there who love surfing just as much as we do, so we plan...
Regular Updates  
What's the water doing in your area? Where are the best waves? How big's the swell? Our regularly updated surfcams are ready to tell you just what you need...

At, we love to surf! Give us the smallest sniff of salt or the slightest hint of a swell, we'll be grabbing our boards and heading to the beach to catch a wave - or ten. And we know the importance of having the best boards and the best gear to catch the excellent waves that Australian beaches are famous for. Because, let's face it, all of Australia is a surfers paradise, not just the part that's called Surfers' Paradise.

Soon, we'll be listing all the shops in Australia that stock the best surfing gear that can be found. And all the accessories and other gear that you'll need to look just as hot as your surfing style. You'll find the shops that stock all the best brands for wetsuits, boards, bodyboards, footwear and more. So watch this space! We love to surf and we want to share our enthusiasm for it with you.

What's more, at, we'll bring you surfcam shots so that you can see exactly what the waves are doing at locations throughout Australia. Avoid the disappointment of heading out and finding the surf's flat - or missing the waves of the century at your favourite beach with regularly updated surfcam shots right here at

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